Don't Forget Closing Costs

"Closing Costs" are the fees that cover the various services involved when you sell or buy residential real estate. Sellers & buyers almost always negotiate the payment of these closing costs.

As the list below indicates, many of the costs result from getting your mortgage loan. Since One Source Lending 303-220-7500 has extensive experience with mortgages and closings, we are closing cost experts.

Loan Estimate (LE)

Very soon after you submit your application, we will give you a "Loan Estimate" of your costs. The closing costs enumerated in the Loan Estimate are estimated based on our experience with mortgage loans, but costs often change a little bit between the LE and closing. We explain LEs with buyers almost every day, so we will be happy to answer your questions about closing costs.

Below you'll find a generic list of costs for buying a home. We will always provide a specific list of your closing costs when we provide your Loan Estimate.

Standard Closing Costs

Loan-Related Costs
  • Costs related to "originating" your loan
  • Points — lower your mortgage interest rate (optional)
  • Appraisal Costs
  • Credit Report
  • Interest Payment
  • Escrow Account
  • Taxes
Property Taxes
  • Recording Fees & Transfer Taxes
  • Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
  • Flood or Quake Insurance
  • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Title Insurance

One Source Lending 303-220-7500 can help you understand closing costs. Give us a call: 303-220-7500.