Tapping into Your Home Equity

Have you considered tapping into your home equity to send a child off to college, or remodel your home? A home equity loan is a fixed rate or adjustable-rate loan that uses your home equity as collateral. You will repay your loan over an agreed time period by making payments monthly, like with your original mortgage. A home equity loan may also be referred to as a second mortgage.

Getting Your Home Equity Loan

You'll be familiar with the process as it is much like the process toward your first mortgage. The closing costs (often 2-3 percent of the loan amount) are usually smaller and, although the interest rate is more on a home equity loan, the interest can be tax deductible.

You will have to provide salary documentation and have a reasonable credit score to qualify for a second mortgage. To assess your home's market value, your lender will require an appraisal of your home. To check on your home equity loan choices, call us at 3032207500.

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